Forum and RP Rules!

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Forum and RP Rules!

Post  Nisra on Thu Nov 10, 2011 6:35 am

happy Nisra: Hi everyone! glad

happy I'm here to tell you something that might get you down a little.

worried although our forum/guild alows most things, we have rules too. Sorry to say.

Here they are:


#1: No godmod / power play.

#2: No profanity, posting of explicit images or other actions we find distasteful.

#3: Generally, off-topic posts and double posts aren't allowed, but are okay in some situations.

#4: Do not discriminate, be offensive to and, under no circumstances, hurt another user.

#5: Respecting others is expected. Another person's views are not false simply because you think differently.

#6: If you are being harassed, do not create a fight. Alert a moderator if they are not already aware.

#7: Do be active, be friendly with others and make yourself at home. Have fun! :)

Note: Rules may be added or edited at any time.
like how i edited it just now :p

lololol. love ya <3 Nisra xx
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